About us 

Our History

Who We Are

Northgate Church is a church that has a Passion for Jesus, a Passion for People and a Passion for Life.

Northgate Church, formally known as the Church of the Way, was established in Chester in 1976.  It was born out of the house-church charismatic movement that was sweeping the nation at the time.  The Church of the Way’s founder was a Dutch pastor, Goos Vedder, who, with the apostolic input from Bryn Jones, laid the foundations.  However, the church we know today began in basic surroundings.  Early gatherings were in a function room at the old Arts Centre (now the Chester Library).  The church grew in number from the original 30 people.  Not long after the Arts Centre burned down in 1979, the church members purchased an old congregational Church, just outside Chester ’s City Walls by the Northgate.  From thence Northgate Church, as we know it today, was established.

Northgate is a church centred around family and appeals to the older as well as the younger members of its congregation.  At the heart of this church is the passion to establish a strong ministry basis within Chester and assist other churches in the area with their aims.top



Northgate Church holds certain core values, which aim for a standard of excellence in everything it does; to be a church strongly based in the Word of God and to be a church dynamic in power.  These values and beliefs certainly are well reflected in the services and other activities.



Friendly Welcome

Everyone, whether a newcomer or an established member, child or adult, is given a friendly welcome and is made to feel valued.  The worship is lively, flowing and spontaneous, led by an extensive and talented worship team. Sermons are of solid biblical teaching, with the use of visual communications, arts and technology.  The church community is also encouraged to use its God-given gifts, whether it is music, caring, hospitality, teaching or dance!




These gifts have helped Northgate Church to develop a ‘community arm’ committed to take God’s love to all.  There are courses to help people explore Christianity in a non-threatening way and to help Christians in different stages of their spiritual path, through Foundation and Alpha courses, New Christians Courses and Community Groups.




Northgate is a church with a mission that is clear, ‘A community of God’s people brought together, committed and mobilised by the power of God to extend His kingdom in the City, Nation and the Nations’, and a cry that is distinct.